de musica

Sometimes one comes across the music that seems to be created not to entertain, or even not to convey the author’s emotions, but the music that seems to simply be, to live and amaze, just like some rare wildflower in its natural environment. It can either vegetate for a long time as a passive element of the background of an expression more dashing because of its purposeful, auctorial emotional influence on a listener; or be regarded just as an exotic decoration. Yet in propicious circumstances, near the ears wide open, it comes forth and evokes a feeling similar to the one that somebody may feel when suddenly noticing that the river rustles and the grass is green.

Writing this, I intentionally cling to the mirage of music separated from the human involvement, I turn a blind eye to hands striking the strings of qanun and moving the bow of nyckelharpe, but from this perspective, the long-lasting continuity of vibrating rhythms, which no-one knows when and by whom they were sowed into collective consciousness, is visible much more clearly. And so, the ancient flora of the Roots Music begins to float off the dried ground, and thousands of its spiritual properties heal the overdriven minds of all modern musical blockheads thundered by bass-boosted earplugs.

Thank you for your attention. I go back to Al Andaluz Project and their brilliant Deus and Diabolus album.

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