soliloquia commenta




I had a hard nut to crack with finding the right title to it. On the margins of this piece there were… many hypothetical titles noted. The dilemma arose between three tendencies: 1) precise – a long baroque title saying all I wanted to say about the feeling portrayed, which risked being pseudointellectual; 2) simple – a focus on one prevailing association, but it risked being trivial and too superficial; 3) unique – an invented proper name for the complexity of that idiomatic feeling, but even this one risked being totally obscure and non-transparent for the viewer.

Finally, it fell under the Feigned Soliloquy… a Monodrama of a Trespasser in Time, moving steadily through the Archives of Infelicity. But the more I think about it, the less it matters, because the author’s intention doesn’t always have to be prevailing – there is the picture – and the viewers have their own imagination after all, don’t they?

1 V – 4 VII 2010

Thanks to f!eld for Latin consultation.


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