new publications, new page

A rich, multilingual anthology of contemporary Slavic arts entitled Między Ochrydą a Bugiem (‘Between Ohrid and the Bug’) edited and translated by Olga Lalić-Krowicka, released earlier in 2011, includes my poem Deszcz (‘Rain’) in Polish and Serbian, and four out of seven illustrations I made for Olga’s poetry volume Mózg (‘Brain’) which is set to release this year.



Olga’s translation of Deszcz recently has also appeared in the magazine “VIRUS. JEZGRO. IKONA”, issue 6 47, in Niš, Serbia. More to see at a new facebook page for the Art of Jakub Niedziela – please, join in there to follow the latest updates at your facebook wall. But there is more…

My piece “Dance in the Robe of Horizons” has been included in The Art of Collage Yearbook 2010-2011 edited by George Teseleanu. It is available at bookstore. The yearbook showcases more than 150 collage artworks from members of the deviantART group The Art of Collage.



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