there was no sign



There was no sign of any people
Only the strange morning came into sight
One hundred arrows
ready for me.


The first pages from The Legend Flowers in the Alabasters – a minimalist writing notebook I started in November 2010.


4 thoughts on “there was no sign

  1. hmmmmmmm. i like the black/white/natural colours. i think i have to start a journal or altered book again. so great to hold a finished book in the hands. enjoy yours.

    1. Welcome, Sandra, I’m glad you dropped in! I call this palette “library colours”. ;) I’ve been admiring your creativity since long ago, and I will look forward to seeing a new book from you. You’ve mentioned a “finished” book… well, the problem with mine is that I have too many of them being constantly in statu nascendi, but maybe it’s because each one of them focuses on a different type of content. This way the tide of creativity is often shared between all the projects, but the excitement of beginning can be addictive too. Even now I have an idea for another volume. ;)

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