Jakub Who?

I am a self-taught artist working in very mixed media and various techniques ranging from oil painting, through collage and calligraphy to digital art.

I studied English Philology {Cognitive Linguistics}, and Polish Philology {Editing and Publishing}, and I am currently working as a graphic designer and editorial assistant in Wydawnictwo Ruthenus in Krosno, making illustrations, book covers, editorial designs, copyediting, translations and typesetting. Apart from working in publishing, I focus on personal art projects, commissioned work illustrating volumes of poetry and digital literature productions, making layouts, lettering, and conlanging.

The main thread of my inspirations runs from the realm of unreal libraries, through the space of book, to the pool of asemic writing, scripts, words, text, and language – revealing love for juxtapositions of metaphorical meanings, mythopoesis, and mysterious kind of beauty.

Recent destinations on my path include also the domains of visual poetry, glitch art, and traditional printmaking, as well as laying foundations for a digital imaginarium project – Library of White Books – intended as both an archive and a lab of personal mythology, encompassing the entirety of my creative expeditions.

e-mail: jn99(at)interia.pl