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Respite. 21 V 2016


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metaphors of existence · 2

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The international exhibition Metaphors of Existence, curated by Stojče and Emilia Tocinovski, which had its first presentation in September 2015 in Skopje is currently being shown in the Art Gallery in Veles, Macedonia. So, if in Veles, drop by the gallery to see works ranging from traditional painting and drawing to digital art and photography from Polish and Macedonian artists.

un bleu fantasque

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Round 7 of 7panels collage collab is spinning again!

sorgente quinta

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soteriology and stephen greenwood

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“Prophecy has been much in the news of late”, so feel free to take a seat in the Unlikely Story classroom, where art and myth intersect – there, in the lastest issue of Journal of Unlikely Academia, my 2006 piece Edict of the Eclipse illustrates an intriguing story Soteriology and Stephen Greenwood · The Role of Salus in the Codex Lucis by Julia August.


Edict of the Eclipse


in search of neue-amalgama

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In search of neue-amalgama. 13 IX 2015